Love is a Really Great Happiness




I’m very happy!
I am shining brightly. And our love grows and grows day by day, sweetens and sweetens, beautifies and beautifies.
Of course, I’m not going to talk about my feelings and emotions, I just want to let you know that the author of the sage “Mariam”, as well as “Matso” – is immensely, amazingly, madly happy!
I am in love for the first time in my life!
Do you know what I’m dreaming about? -to watch the acceleration of the sky with him!
Do you know how cool it is when you are in love? -It’s amazing! How amazing are butterflies in the belly .. What a sweet thing is to feel the warmth that passes in the stomach when you see him .. Love is a really great happiness! Great, great, great happiness!
Do you know what is most beautiful in our relationship? -Yes, it’s childhood and lust! As we smile at each other’s, we laugh, and we continue our way to silence! Do you know what is most amazing about our relationship? -When you are alone, the air is filled with endless warmth and love! Do you know what is most important in our relationship? -When we are together, we hear an unevenly strong breath of eternal and restless life! I love! O my God, how I love!
I am the best I have been for 28 years!
Do you know what I understood? Until then I thought love had some “laws”, so I was wrong. It is nonsense when you say, if he doesn’t do so, it means no he has no love for you. But I guess it was invented that love brings more misery than, big, great lie, great!

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