My Reading for spring 2019


This time just spring wasn’t enough, but I’ve had some interesting books in recent months, and I am looking forward to sharing it with you.
You may think that a book published in 1980 will be outdated, but believe me, Seymour Papert’s ideas are still relevant and will be many years. In my opinion, his thoughts should be known to anyone who works in the field of education or thinking about teaching children.
The book tells how children create their own intellectual structures in the mind and how they expand knowledge. Take such an experiment – give the child some boxes of colorful beads and assemble all the color combinations. Most of them cannot perform this task correctly until the fifth or sixth grade. By this time, they have developed a sense of intuition and, for example, can identify which is more three large pieces or four small pieces, but because they do not have systematic procedure models around, they do it abstractly and do not know exactly how to think. For a child growing up in the programming world, this is a common task in two embedded cycles, as non-abstract as paring knife and fork at a table.

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