Congratulate me! I am a student!

Friends, I want to tell you a story, that is a miracle for me.
After nights, nervousness, hopelessness, and shortly after all the idiotic and scary days, as I heard the results, I made it where I wanted to be, at Javakhishvili University, a social-political with 70% scholarship. I am so happy !!!
And you know what is the most interesting?
In short, in Georgian language exam, I got 61. The normal score, neither low nor high. Now, let’s look at the points. There are 11 points in the story in but I have never received less than 20 points for months. I immediately called my teacher, showed my story and told him I should appeal. He said that I should have more points in this task.
I went to my mother’s work, opened an appeal page, and found that I could appeal and comment at the same time. My mother advised me to do as my teacher told me to do. A few days later, my mother called me, mommy they added 1 point to your essay. I was happy with the results. I also wanted to see this grand story with my own eyes and went into the webpage to see the results. Do you know how many points I got? 1 more in the essay. My mother was so proud of me so much that day.
Now, the results have been concluded. And what did I find, you know? If I did not get this one point back then, I would have a 50% scholarship with these points. That is, if I had not appealed this, I would have accepted only 50%.
P.C. I don’t write a blog anymore, but there was such a good story in my life that I couldn’t help myself not to write it down.



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