Me and My Precious Job


You know how much fun it is when you wake up every night just to check the time afraid of being late for work, or when you are so in a hurry to your office that after getting there you find yourself out of breath. You don’t even know how much I like my coworkers and the environment where I make a real tornado of my ideas. I can’t even imagine myself wanting to leave them.

It makes me happy when nobody treats me like an 18-year-old freshman girl, even though I’m just like that. They treat me as an equal to them, talk to me as an adult, they give me advice like they would to an experiences employee, they invite me like an ordinary coworker. And all these combined together determine my current state of happiness.

Once my lecturer asked me to share my experience of having my own job and doing what I know the best with others. And once I started I can’t stop.

I really don’t know what is it like to work in an unpleasant or unwanted environment, but there is one thing I know for sure, nothing can compare to the feeling when others appreciate your work

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