Me, Blogger Contest And Failure

Attack Bull



The Insurance Company Aldagi BCI held a contest for bloggers, the subject was insurance. This was my first time participating in this kind of contest. Shortly speaking, I couldn’t win. No, I wasn’t hurt.

To my surprise, my contest project was given evaluation “terrible” by the people who were most likely to praise me. However, that was not a big deal to me. It’s practically impossible to win the hearts of all with my activities. I was not going to write this post until I heard those phrases during the evaluation of Double insurance. Some said it’s unacceptable to manipulate with these kinds of topics, others claimed it was not real. And someone even labeled my work as a fictional form of those painting by a very gifted artist Nona, who was the winner of that contest. Even though I was hurt by some of the surveys and at some point I was even going to quit the contest, still, a number of people left lots of warm and touching comments under my post.

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